• Fri. Jun 14th, 2024


With anticipation building towards the release of the next series of the iPhone next year, a few rumors regarding very interesting upgrades to the Iphone’s features have been making waves all over the internet and we want to dive into it.

At the top of the list and by far the coolest of Apples’s planned feature upgrades is its exclusive AI capabilities with plans to completely transform Siri to offer the ultimate Virtual Assistant experience using cloud-based processing. Although the adaptation of exclusive AI was expected at the Wonderlust event but was somehow skipped, now the company plans to finally meet its users’ expectations come 2024 as this and many more improvements will be introduced with the iOS18 update. Popular info leakers on X have also rumored that Apple is set to integrate Large Language Model (LLM) in order to achieve the evolution of Siri, making it 10x smarter, creating what the company has unofficially dubbed “Apple GPT”.

Apple also plans to integrate AI capabilities into other features of its devices like Messaging, productivity apps, Apples music and a lot more of its Apps and services, all of which would be made available to users with the next iOS18 update, although Apple has put a pause on its development and is due to the fact that the company has resolved to prioritize fixing bug issues with its ios17 and mac OS14 which have impacted the timeline for the completion of its next upgrade. However, initial the development stage has been completed, thereby guaranteeing that the launch will be right on schedule.

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