• Fri. Jun 14th, 2024


Microsoft has just reached a major milestone in its history, becoming the second company right after apple to achieve a 3 billion dollar valuation in the stock market. On Wednesday, Jan 24th, Microsoft leaped by 1.5 percent on the NASDAQ trading market.

Apple and Microsoft have been close contenders for the top two spots as the most valued companies on the market. However this week Microsoft was able to momentarily beat its closest contender. With the incorporation of AI to its services, after injecting an astounding $10 million into OpenAI alongside the acquisition of a number of AI companies as well as others like Minecraft, Github, Xamarin and LinkedIn through Nadella, Microsoft was poised to achieve this incredible feat owing to this strategic business moves. Another propellant to its recent accomplishment was the announcement of the price details of its Microsoft 360 Copilot which quickly garnered the interest of its investors, causing a rise in its stocks. The tech giant is set to release sizzling hot new products, features and services, fully taking advantage of the merits of AI.

Microsoft’s market cap as of Jan 24th.

In a five year span, Microsoft stock has risen from $107 to $404 showing impressive growth under the leadership of its current CEO Satya Nadella. With the teeming hype over Microsoft’s AI advancements, the future is looking pretty bright for the company and is projected to do even better in the coming months as it does not show any signs of slowing down the momentum. Anticipations are high for Microsoft’s earnings in the second quarter.

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