• Fri. Jun 14th, 2024


A 34-year-old Chinese man living in Sydney, Australia has been identified as a prime suspect in a recent cryptocurrency scam investigation linked to the United States, the culprit who in an attempt to launder massive amounts of stolen funds through traditional bank accounts as well as crypto wallets was arrested based on a previous tip off to the Australian Police Force with evidence of his illicit activities caught on a CCTV camera while depositing stolen funds into suspicious accounts.

The alleged has been accused of carting away a whopping 100 million dollars from American victims through a combined cryptocurrency and foreign exchange scam. A tip off was received by the Australian Federal Police from the United States Secret Service around August 2022, establishing a link between the crypto scam and Australia and pointing to an organized criminal network which involved Chinese students who mostly reside in Australia to perpetuate fraud through a diverse system of online operation i.e. dating sites, social media messaging apps, employment portals, amongst others which were used to reel in unsuspecting victims to sell fake cryptocurrency investments to and even utilizing real forex trading platforms to rope them into their scams by posting doctored trading portfolios which reflect success, so as to coax them into investing their funds which would eventually be diverted to personal wallets and bank accounts.

Part of the scam operation was stealing the identities of Samoan nationals and offering them small compensations, completely unknown to the victims that their identities were being used to set up offshore accounts to launder stolen funds.

Following the analysis of CCTV footage by law enforcement, the home of main suspect was raided, the search led to a seizure of various items from televisions and mobile devices to large quantities of tobacco products. The alleged has been charged with identity fraud, excise duty evasion on tobacco products and possession of criminal proceeds above $100,000. The Australian Federal Police warns individuals to be extremely cautious while dealing with strangers on the internet and to be weary of investment opportunities online, they also urge victims of cryptocurrency scams and cyber fraud to report theft of their assets in order to assist investigations and disbursal of funds to scammed victims.

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